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Ecolab Blue Coral® & Rain-X®

Walpole Car Wash has partnered with Ecolab/Blue Coral®. In October 2008, we made the switch to have Ecolab become our supplier for Walpole Car Wash. One of the benefits of doing this enables us to offer the Rain-X® Complete Surface Protectant for your vehicle. Using the same advanced water repelling technology as the well known glass treatment, the Rain-X® product has evolved to include paint protection and polish products. Now you can give your vehicle the benefits of these Rain-X® products while your car is being washed using our Super Wash option.

Along with the Rain-X® feature, the partnership formed with Ecolab/Blue Coral® allows Walpole Car Wash to feature Blue Coral® Beyond Green products in our car wash. Walpole Car Wash uses products that's "Hard on Dirt. Easy on Earth™. You can drive away from Walpole Car Wash sparkling clean and feeling good about a smart, environmentally friendly choice.

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