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Facilities & Rates

Walpole Car Wash is.....

Totally Convenient
Open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Access to all facilities

Totally Touchless
2 LaserWash 4000 Bays

Totally Automated
Automatic Washes
Touchless Automatics
All facilities bill/coin operated
Changemaker on premises
Credit Card payment at Touchless Automatics

Totally Accessible
Heated concrete bays and aprons
Lighted bays, vacs, and entire area

Self-Serve Wash and Vacuums
Coin-operated -- US Quarters
Bill Changer at front of building
Self-Serve Bay & Vac Islands lighted

Self-Serve Ideal for oversized vehicles/special needs
Water: Softened
Options: Foaming Brush and/or High Pressure Gun
Modes: Spray, Soap Rinse, and Wax
Time: Digital count-down timer/audible alert

Four Vacuums
4 machines on 2 islands with easy access
Twin motors for high suction

Regardless Of Your Wash Selection, Our Wash Process Remains The Same... Excellent!

LaserWash 4000 cleans your vehicle in all weather.

LaserWash 4000 operates by individually sizing your vehicle to apply the proper amount of cleaning agents and water pressure to clean and rinse your vehicle.

Our cycles, cleaning agents, and speed of the spray are seasonally adjusted to best clean / rinse your vehicle.

A key ingredient in washing vehicles is the conditioning of the water. At WCW, we first soften the water and then heat it to effectively interact with the cleaning agents.

To ensure your spot-free vehicle, our final rinse water is demineralized through a process of reverse osmosis.

Walpole Car Wash | 1357 Main Street, Walpole, MA 02081 | Phone: 508-668-4666 |